May 6, 2011

Solution to iPad “Not Charging” When Connected to Computer USB

by Maverick Wil · 61 comments

Some of you are finding out that your iPad is displaying the “Not Charging” status when connected to the computer via its USB cable even though you are able to detect and sync on iTunes.

iPad Not Charging

This is a known problem affecting mostly Windows computer/laptops. Some older Mac models have also been reported to be experiencing the same issue.

Why is the iPad Not Charging?

The fault lies in the iPad requiring more power output than that of a standard USB port. You’ve probably heard of a high “speed” USB 2.0 but in order to charge the iPad properly, Apple recommends a high “power” 2.0 USB port which typically provides a 1100 mA output; more than double of what a standard USB pumps out.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a high power 2.0 USB port unless you are using one of the newer Apple computers. If you’d like to check whether your Apple computer has this feature, refer to the table here.

What to do About It? 3 Solutions.

Ignore The “Not Charging” Status

Despite the status, power is actually still being delivered to your iPad. If you leave your iPad connected, you will notice that slowly but surely the battery percentage will go up. This only works if your iPad’s screen is locked (sleep mode). Expect charging time to be approximately twice as long compared to direct from a power outlet. If the screen is not locked, there will be no increase in battery percentage but no decrease either. This happens because the USB port delivers just enough power so that the iPad does not need to use its battery reserve.

Charge Direct to a Power Outlet

iPad Power Adapter

The easiest alternative and also the quickest way to charge your iPad is to use the provided power adapter.

Use Software to Increase USB Power Output

ASUS came up with a software solution to deal specifically with charging issues related to Apple devices a while back. It works by simply increasing the USB port’s power output.

Initially we were hesitant to recommend this as we came across complaints of BSOD (Window’s Blue Screen of Death) occurring but as we dug deeper, we found that the complaints stopped sometime during January of this year. There doesn’t seem to be any indication of an update though.

Anyways, we’ve tried and tested the software and it works very well for us. It’s very simple to do but we must caution you that anything can go wrong when you start tweaking with stuff like this so please proceed at your own risk. This should work with all motherboards and computers (Windows platform only) as claimed by ASUS.

Step 1: Download the software > ASUS Ai Charger

ASUS Ai Charger Setup

Step 2: Open the downloaded file “” and it should unzip. In the resulting folder “V1.00.06” open “Setup.exe” to start installation. Simply confirm all the steps and once installation is complete, you will be prompted to restart your computer. Click “Restart Now” or similar.

ASUS Ai Charger in Taskbar

Step 3: Once the computer has been restarted, you should now be able to see the ASUS Ai Charger icon in your bottom-right taskbar.

Charging Status Change

Step 4: Now try connecting your iPad via the USB cable. If all worked out well, you will see the iPad start charging. The one thing we found that doesn’t work as advertised by ASUS is the ability to charge while the computer is in Standby, Suspend or even after it’s Shut Down. Minor details.

If all this goes horribly wrong and you get a BSOD; simply restart the computer, uninstall the software by opening Setup.exe again and you ‘should’ be fine.

Conclusion: Other Considerations

We hope the software solution worked for you because we know it is very convenient to be able to charge via your computer/laptop’s USB port. That is at optimum speed of course and as well as being able to use the iPad at the same time.

Regardless of whether you have a normal USB or high powered USB, one last tip we can give you for charging your iPad quicker is to not have too many other devices connected to the USB ports on your computer. Depending on what system you are using, power output per port could be reduced because of the distribution/sharing. Likewise, a USB hub is probably not a good idea unless you get one with both higher powered USB and independent power supply.

1998 iMac

(Source: Flickr > Sameli)

One thing we didn’t cover in this post because we were unable to test it out, is a solution for those with older Apple computers. We found one mention online of a failed attempt at using ASUS Ai Charger on Parallels (run Windows on Mac OS) and we did not have an old Mac system lying around.

If you have experience with an old Mac or have more to say about this post in general, we’d like to hear about it in the comments below.

[ Source of ASUS Ai Charger instructions: Soya ]

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    You can also use a cable that combines 2 USB-ports to 1.

    These are sometimes used with external HDD’s without power-supply…

    I haven’t tested this, but it may work. (2 x 500mA = 1000mA)

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      Such “Y” cables do exist, but, in my experience with a number of Windows-based equipment, I have yet to find ANY port doubling configs that yield up enough power with use of the Y cable for my ipad2. YMMV…

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    iPad2 charges… iPad3 diplays ‘not charging’ status

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      iPad 3 requires more power than iPad 1/2. Normal windows computers don’t allow such high current to flow through USB for protection. Only the new Macs have apple device recognition and then allows iPad or even USB monitors to draw such power they need.

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    I did all the steps and I am able to see the ASUS Ai Charger icon on the bottom-right of my taskbar. but my ipad shows the battery pic that has the still bolt under it. not the flashing one, is it charging?

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      I noticed same thing. I monitored ipad for an hour and saw the battery percentage increasing with just lightning bolt, so I think yours IS charging…

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    Thank you, Maverick, for the informative article! This did work for me on two different laptops and an ipad2 running both ios 4.3.3 and ios 7.x. First is an HP/Compaq nx9110 with XP sp3, second is an eMachines eM250 series netbook on Win7 starter edition. No BSODS, just joy:-) This solved a many-days-long effort to finally establish a solution to have ipad2 connectivity to my PC/iTunes whilst having ipad2 charging. Needed to solve this charging issue so I could confidently update 4.x ioS to 7.x ioS while connected to a PC with iTunes. Worked perfectly. No other methods have yielded success including trying numerous windoz PC USB ports and various Y-cables to increase power, theoretically. The ASUS Ai Charger tweak did the trick!

    Only oddity I observed is that on my eMachines netbook, my iTunes borders “re-sized” for some unknown reason after I ran the ASUS Ai charger setup. I can barely get at some of iTunes features that are near the borders now…still useable, but barely. Can’t say for certain that ASUS Ai charger setup caused this, but iTunes was “perfectly sized” just before I ran the ASUS Ai setup. Hmmmm. May uninstall ASUS Ai now that I got ipad2 updated successfully. Will report back if I see that uninstall allows iTunes sizing to return to “normal.” THANK YOU to ASUS!!! And to all others who commented here. As DaCritical states, I also can’t believe this isn’t getting any mention in the sundry threads about this problem over in the Apple Support forums!!!!!

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