May 10, 2011

US iTunes Store Access (Part 1) – How to Create a US Apple ID

by Maverick Wil · 93 comments

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t get movies or songs from iTunes or why there are error messages when you try to get certain apps for your iPad, it is because we in Malaysia are using a “Malaysia” Apple ID by default which we showed you how to do here. This ID only allows us access to the Malaysia iTunes Store which has different content from the US version of the store.

Your Request Could Not Be Completed.

It’s quite annoying. Kind of like when YouTube doesn’t allow you to watch certain videos because you live outside of the US.

What’s in the US iTunes Store?

What are we missing out on? A LOT.

US iTunes Store

Music! Movies! iTunes! Compare the screenshot above with the current iTunes app on your iPad and spot the differences.

  • Content Variety – Regional restrictions mean that most commercial media content are only available in the US such as movies, TV series, songs, music videos, etc. You will also be able to get apps like Kindle or Pandora that similarly provide content that is restricted outside of the US.
  • More FREE Content – There are always weekly free content to be downloaded ranging from sample songs to TV show 1st episode giveaways.
  • Promo/Coupon Codes – You can get discounts and special offers by using coupon codes.

Ok great so how do you create a US Apple ID? Hang on just one moment. Creating a US Apple ID when you’re not based in the US is against the iTunes Store’s Terms and Conditions.

Rules are rules.

But hey; let’s assume you’re on a long working holiday in the US or you travel there quite frequently.

Instructions: Create a “US” Apple ID Without a Credit Card

You will need an active Internet Connection so turn on Wi-Fi or 3G/Data and make sure your iPad is connected.

Step 1

Settings on Home Screen

On your iPad, open “Settings” from the Home Screen.

Step 2

Sign Out from Existing Apple ID

Tap on “Store”. Log out from your Malaysia Apple ID account by tapping on it and then on “Sign Out”.

Step 3

App Store on Home Screen

Go back to the Home Screen and open “App Store”.

Step 4

Top Charts in App Store

Tap on “Top Charts”.

Step 5

Free Apps in US App Store

On the right hand side, you will see all the top Free iPad Apps. Choose ANY “FREE” app that you would like to have. In our example, we have chosen the HBO GO app as an example. Go ahead and tap on “FREE” for the app you have chosen and this will turn into a green “INSTALL APP” button which you will also need to tap on.

Step 6

Create US Apple ID Prompt

Tap on “Create New Apple ID”.

Step 7

Country/Region Selection

Make sure you change store country/region to United States (scroll right to the top of the drop down list) and tap on “Next”.

Step 8

US iTunes Store T&C

Tap on “Agree” for the Terms & Conditions. You will have to tap on “Agree” one more time after a prompt pops up.

Step 9

New US Account Form

Fill in your details. You will need to enter a different email address from the one you used for your Malaysia Apple ID or other existing Apple ID you may have created before. Double confirm the email address is correct as you will need to verify this later. Once done, tap on “Next”.

Step 10

US Billing Information

Tap on the “Payment Card” field to change it from Visa to “None”.

If you do not see “None” as an option, double check that you chose a FREE app in Step 3 and not a Paid app.

If that still doesn’t work, you’ll have to try doing this whole registration process in iTunes on a computer. We have posted up an alternative tutorial here: “Create New Apple ID Without a Credit Card [Using iTunes]“. Just remember to adjust the country setting accordingly.

Step 11

US Billing Information 2

You will now have to fill in a US address and phone number. The Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone that you enter has to match up.

Finding a US Address

You can find a full valid US address with a matching phone number by simply going to Google Maps. Put in the name of a coffee shop or fast food restaurant (e.g. Mcdonald’s, Starbucks, etc). Click on “Search Maps” and you’ll be able to find an address to choose from. This is of course a hypothetical situation and assuming that you happen to share the same address and phone number as a coffee shop somewhere in the US 😉

Once you’ve filled in everything, tap on “Next” to continue.

Step 12

E-Mail Verification

You’ve nearly created your Apple ID. You just have to check your email and verify your account from there. Go back to the Home Screen and open “Safari” to browse to your email service.

Step 10

Verification Email from Apple

This is what the verification from Apple looks like. Tap on “Verify Now” and a new window will open up.

Step 11

Sign In to Verify Screen

Enter your Apple ID (which is your email address) and the password you chose earlier. Tap on “Verify Address”. Once the verification is successful, tap on “Return to the Store”. This will automatically bring up the US App Store.

Step 12

New US Apple ID Congratulation Screen

If you notice on the congratulations screen, Apple tells you that “You can now shop for your favourite music, movies, TV Shows, and more.”

Tap on “Done”. Congrats! You have successfully created a US Apple ID without a credit card.

Using US & Malaysia Apple ID Together

You can use both your US and Malaysia Apple ID on your iPad to browse and download apps/content. You can also sync your iPad as per usual to the iTunes program on your computer. Nothing changes.

The only inconvenience is that you will have to switch between the two accounts (Steps 1 & 2 above) to access the different contents in both stores. Updating an app will also need to be done according to the store which you got it from. For example if you purchased and downloaded Angry Birds from the Malaysia store, you won’t be able to update it (or rather an update won’t even show up) when you are logged in with the US Apple ID.

Conclusion: How to Purchase Content

There are tons of free content on the US iTunes Store compared to our Malaysia store but the real treat is being able to buy media content. What’s fun about paying for movies and music? We don’t know how to explain it but give it a try and you’ll see what we mean.

Obviously the US iTunes and App Store require a US credit card for purchases so in Part 2 of the US iTunes Store Access, we’ll show you how to work around this using US iTunes Gift Cards.

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    • Issac Ng

      I met the same problem too, but, before you see the HBO app, you need to get into AppStore, then simply click on any purchase, and choose the store as United States. Somehow then, it works!

    • Maverick Wil

      Ah ok. I see where I went wrong there. HBO is not supposed to show up after you just logged out from a Malaysia account. Will amend this part. :)

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      No. You need a different email for each account as the email represents your Apple ID (aka Username).

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    • Maverick Wil

      No you can sync like normal. You just need to ‘Authorize’ both Apple ID’s (accounts) to your preferred computer: In iTunes on your computer, click on ‘Store’ tab in the top menu bar and sign in to your account. Then under the same tab, select ‘Authorize this computer’. Sign out and repeat with your other Apple ID.

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    I heard from a friend that if I use another Apple ID to login to Apple Store, it will LOCKED the previous Apple ID for 2 months and cannot use that previous Apple ID for 2 months.

    Is it TRUE?

    Is there such a RULE?

    • Maverick Wil

      Nope 😉 Multiple Apple IDs are expected by Apple. No such ‘rule’.

  • Victor

    I heard from a friend that if I use another Apple ID to login to Apple Store, it will LOCKED the previous Apple ID for 2 months and cannot use that previous Apple ID for 2 months.

    Is it TRUE?

    Is there such a RULE?

  • Victor

    I heard from a friend that if I use another Apple ID to login to Apple Store, it will LOCKED the previous Apple ID for 2 months and cannot use that previous Apple ID for 2 months.

    Is it TRUE?

    Is there such a RULE?

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    I have just updated my iPad to iOS5 & also created an Apple ID. Previously I have been purchasing apps using a different account. After the updating, I can’t do any updates on my previously-purchased apps. The following message keeps popping up: “This Apple ID is only valid for use in the Malaysian Store” How do I update those apps?

    • Zulsim

      I have solved the problem. Apparently I now have 2 Apple accounts with separate ID. So, I just sign-out the new account & sign-in my previous account, & update those apps purchased thru the previous account. Only thru the account used in the original purchasing can an apps be updated.

      • Maverick Wil

        Sorry for getting back to you late. That’s correct. You need to update apps according to the Apple ID you downloaded them with. Cheers.

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    Looks like this method doesn’t work anymore. We might have to have a US IP as well to sign up for a US iTunes.

  • Dfasdf

    Looks like this method doesn’t work anymore. We might have to have a US IP as well to sign up for a US iTunes.

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