May 3, 2011

How to Check Your iPad Malaysia Warranty Online

by Maverick Wil · 25 comments

Your iPad purchase comes standard with a 90 days Telephone Technical Support as well as Repairs and Service Coverage for 1 Year (365 days).

This warranty package starts from the day that you first connect your iPad to iTunes for activation. You may have had this done immediately after payment in the store where you bought the iPad. You need not perform any extra actions to activate the iPad warranty

If you’d like to confirm or review your iPad Warranty at any time, you can do so online at the Apple website. We have provided a set of instructions below to guide you through this process.

Instructions: Checking Your iPad Warranty Online

Step 1

Settings on Home Screen

On your iPad, go to the Home screen and tap on “Settings”.

Step 2

About in Settings

Once in Settings, tap on the “General” tab on the left and then on “About”.

Step 3

iPad Serial Number

Find your iPad’s “Serial Number” and note it down. You will need it in the next step.

Step 4

Show Complete Country List

From here onwards, you may check your iPad’s warranty details from any Internet browser including the Safari app on the iPad or the one you are currently viewing this post from.

Go to:

Enter the Serial Number you obtained from Step 3 into the “Hardware Serial Number” field.

Under the “Country” drop down box, choose “Show Complete Country List”. “Malaysia” should now show up as an option you can now select.

Step 5

Continue to iPad Warranty

Select “Continue”.

Step 6

See Service and Support Coverage

Select “See Your Service and Support Coverage”.

Step 7

iPad Warranty Details

You should now be presented with all the warranty details for your iPad.

Error in Warranty Estimated Expiration Date

A common misconception is that Apple displays the wrong Estimated Expiration Date. For example if you purchased the iPad on April 29th 2011, Apple will detail your Telephone Technical Support and Repairs/Service Coverage as expiring on July 27, 2011 and April 27, 2012 respectively. This is in fact correct as the warranty is calculated in days and not months. Some months have 30 days, some 31.

Conclusion: Extending Your iPad Warranty

In Step 7, you will be able to see your eligibility status for the AppleCare Protection Plan. This indicates the option for you to extend your warranty for an extra year subsequent to when your standard warranty expires. You are only eligible for this option within the one year standard warranty. Simply select “Extend Coverage” if you would like to proceed and you will receive further instructions.

We hope this guide will become a useful reference for you to come back to whenever you decide to review your iPad Malaysia Warranty.

  • Kenwei

    I think iPad would be international warranty if I am not mistaken. Right?

    • Maverick Wil

      Yes, it is international warranty.

  • Jerryz

    if i m going to claim warranty for ipad 2 which i bought from oversea, can i claim it in apple premium reseller like Machines ? Do they charge me for extra fees or so on ?

    • Maverick Wil

      Go direct to Apple in Malaysia since u bought it from a different store.
      – Apple Malaysia Hotline (1-800 803-638)

  • Vickypush76

    I received the iPad from Lucky draw, how I need to find the warranty

    • NoName~

      just type in ur ipad serial number and set ur purchase date

  • Lucysung80

    may i know how to register ipad 2 online? i bought since 06/08/2011, not register yet. pls advice

  • Riddowan

    My ipad scren was broken… Does apple warranty cover it… Since i bought it online.. Where should i refer to solve this problem

    • Maverick Wil

      The warranty doesn’t cover cracked screens unfortunately. You’ll have to send it to an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) or a 3rd party provider to have it fixed at a cost.

      • Windsrave

        Hi, is switch /machine AA?

        • Maverick Wil

          Yes both are AASP.

  • Appledwin

    I bought an iPad 2 online. My mic can’t work when I try to record video and voice memo.
    Where can I send back to warranty?
    I didn’t keep the receipt with me.
    By the way, I was deleted the mail.
    Mean that I couldn’t get the receipt.
    Is that possible I still can send to warranty?

    • Maverick Wil

      As long as you are within one year of purchase (which is definitely the case for iPad 2), you can call up the Apple Malaysia Hotline (1-800 803-638) for warranty. I’m assuming you purchased in the Malaysia online store.

  • P3yana

    regarding with Appledwin quest….i wanna add some…..if we bought ipad2 from other country can claim warranty in apple malaysia or not? thanks

  • Lpin1987

    Hi, how does apple track its warranty from itunes acc? What if i register my itunes say, 2 months later, i format it and i register my itunes under different email acc say Hence, how does it works in this case? Thanks.

  • Jacky

    Hi, my battery for Ipad can last only about 5 hours when playing games non-stop. I still have about 4 months warranty left. Can I send in for warranty to get a new battery? Please advise. Where can I find a list of Apple Authorised Service Provider in Malaysia? I cannot find any information at all in the apple website. Please help.

  • Nyonyok

    Could you please share with us what is the common type of problems that users will be facing in using iPad that we can claim for warranty? It seems from the limited warranty information, nothing seeems to be able to claim for warranty unless it is a hardware failure caused by manufacturing defect which is very very unlikely. My home button have difficulty in pressing. When I press, nothing seems to happen. I have to press many times and very hard for it to work. Sometimes, it works normally, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I have reset the iPad and it still give the same problem every now and then. Please advise what I can do with the warranty claim in this case. Thank you. 

    • Rb_centeno

      Hi, we have the same problem with my ipad 2. It was bought last Jan only, and my home butyon is not funtioning well. Does the warranty cover this problem? Thanks.

  • sam

    im actually looking for ipad 64 wifi 3g, but lately its seems discountinue as market, store only left 16g. i try to search many place and now the seller told me they got one new 64g, wifi 3g. someone told me it might be used item with extended warranty. Anyway i can check this is totally new?

    • sam

      ammendment: is ipad 2 64 wifi 3g

    • sam

      ammendment: is ipad 2 64 wifi 3g

  • Syed thariq

    What is the cost of repairing a broken ipad 2 screen 16gb..??

  • Syed thariq

    How much is the cost of changing the glass of a cracked ipad2 glass…and how do i find a cheap place to vhange the screen..??

  • Ieka

    Hi, i need new ipad just 6 months, the back & front camera are not can i apple help me?i’m in jb..thanks

  • Anne Zaf

    My ipad screen unable to rotate..does warranty covers this problem?