May 2, 2011

Create New Apple ID Without a Credit Card [Using iPad]

by Maverick Wil · 145 comments

One of the first things you should do after getting your iPad is to create an Apple ID. You can then use the Apple ID to start downloading apps/games from the App Store or get music/video from iTunes.

While most of the stuff in the Malaysia version of App Store and iTunes require you to purchase with a credit card before downloading, there are tons more quality content that are free such as games, books, movie trailers and so on.

The question is though, how do you create an Apple ID if you do not have a credit card? The following step-by-step guide shows you how to do it straight on your iPad.

Instructions: Create an Apple ID

You will need an active Internet Connection so turn on Wi-Fi or 3G/Data and make sure your iPad is connected.

Step 1

App Store on Home Screen

On your iPad, open “App Store” from the Home Screen.

Step 2

Top Charts in App Store

Tap on “Top Charts”.

Step 3

Free Apps in App Store

On the right hand side, you will see all the top Free iPad Apps. Choose a free app that you would like to have. In our example, we have chosen the app from The Star, Malaysia. Go ahead and tap on “FREE” and this will turn into a green “INSTALL APP” button which you will also need to tap on.

Step 4

Create Apple ID Prompt

Tap on “Create New Apple ID”.

Step 5

Country/Region Selection

Make sure the store country/region is correct and tap on “Next”.

Step 6

iTunes Store T&C

Tap on “Agree” for the Terms & Conditions. You will have to tap on “Agree” one more time after a prompt pops up.

Step 7

New Account Form

Fill in your details. Double confirm the email address is correct as you will need to verify this later. Once done, tap on “Next”.

Step 8

Billing Information

Tap on the “Payment Card” field to change it from Visa to “None”. If you had a credit card, this would be where you would select your card type and enter the relevant details. Now fill in the rest of your details and tap on “Next” to continue.

If you do not see “None” as an option, double check that you chose a FREE app in Step 3 and not a Paid app.

If that still doesn’t work, you’ll have to try doing this whole registration process in iTunes on a computer. We have posted up an alternative tutorial here: “Create New Apple ID Without a Credit Card [Using iTunes]“.

Step 9

E-Mail Verification

You’ve nearly created your Apple ID. You just have to check your email and verify your account from there. Go back to the Home Screen and open “Safari” to browse to your email service.

Step 10

Verification Email from Apple

This is what the verification from Apple looks like. Tap on “Verify Now” and a new window will open up.

Step 11

Sign In to Verify Screen

Enter your Apple ID (which is your email address) and the password you chose earlier. Tap on “Verify Address”. Once the verification is successful, tap on “Return to the Store”. This will automatically bring up the App Store.

Step 12

New Apple ID Congratulation Screen

Tap on “Done”. Congrats! You have successfully created an Apple ID without a credit card.

Let’s go a bit further from here and see what downloading+installing an app looks like.

Downloading & Installing an App

Free Apps in App Store

App Store Login Prompt

Locate the free app you wanted earlier and tap on “FREE” and “INSTALL APP”. Enter your password in the login box and tap “OK”.

App Downloading and Installing

You will be returned to the Home Screen and the new app icon should appear. A status bar below it will indicate the process until it is done downloading and installing. You can continue doing other things on your iPad while this is going on.


We hope you found this guide on how to create an Apple ID easy to follow along.

You will now be able to download and enjoy plenty of free content to your iPad. Just make sure to look for that FREE button next to the app/song/video in App Store and iTunes.

If at some point you find that you want to be able to purchase content with your Apple ID, you can add credit card information by going to Home Screen > Settings > Store. Tap on your Apple ID and select “View Apple ID” on the pop-up box. Proceed to tap on “Payment Information” to edit and change the Payment Card from “None” to your card type.

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  • Sarah Ss

    i can’t do the step 8 process..even just to sign in for itunes

    • Maverick Wil

      You mean you don’t get “None” as an option?

      • Sarah Ss

        exactly Maverick..there is no “None” option..mine is ipad 2 btw…with version 4.3.3

        • Maverick Wil

          So just as in the article, make sure you’ve tried doing it on a FREE app. It will not work with a paid one. If that doesn’t do it, try registering using the iTunes program on your computer. If that doesn’t do it, you’ll have to resort to finding another computer in which to set up the account (e.g. an Apple reseller like Machines, Switch, etc).

        • Maverick Wil

           Ok well as mentioned in the article, make sure you did it with a FREE app. It will not work with a paid one. If that doesn’t do it, try registering using the iTunes program on your computer. If that also doesn’t do it, try registering using a different computer (ie: an Apple reseller like Machines, Switch, etc). And if all fails, you’ll have to register with a card; you can remove the card details subsequent to registering. Do it in that order.

          • Johnmcfred

            I do it all step but i have problem in step 11.can you give solution?thnkz

          • Selena

            Yeah follow along duh

          • Pa_anz8

            thanks maverick,
            what u say is correct.
            if all the alternative fails, we need to register it with a credit card first. Then we can remove the card detail subsequent with none options.


          • Asapd6

            i put my credit card after i bought some applications it gives me invalid and i cant delete it details or set it to none 

    • Nauticaxiong85

      i know im a little late to answer but, if u already have an existing account it won’t work. That means you have to creat another account for your apple ID to get that “None” credit card.

    • Selena

      I know right don’t get it apple meat up

    • Devan Jones

      I tried to download a free app and nothing poped up it just keeps spining forever do you have a solution

  • Sarah Ss

    Yes,i’ve tried registering it using my  computer but it doesn’t work. When i sign in, the message “This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store. Please review your account information.” appear. then if i click cancel, nothing happened. if i click “Review” it will direct to the page where i hv to fill in my address and that credit card info…which doesnt have “None” option.

    this is only the part of sign in and i cant access itunes store. when i try to purchase free app, the same thing keeps happening(which leads to page that i have to fill in my details)

    but thanks anyway, i’ll try go to machines store tomorrow and ask them about this. the thing is because i got this ipad for free(as gift) and i think it is delivered by China to some companies that handle ipad shipping in KL.

    • Maverick Wil

      Ok hopefully it works out for you.

      • sam prince


      • sam prince

        tell for iphone 3gs

  • Sadamahmadi

    Hoho… I didn’t worked… 

    • Z-Man

      to create free id without credit card (Apple ID, United States)
      1. Open itunes or app store,
      2. Make sure u are in the US
      3. Make sure u are signed out
      4. search for a free app such as Skype, or Viber (if you don’t do step 3 and 4, there will not be “NONE” option for you.
      5. click on the Free botton, and choose create new ID
      6. Fill out the form about you email and password…
      7. you will see none option to choose.
      8. leave gift card code redeem blank and fill out the rest of form
      9. remember to fill out address, zip code, area code and phone number (In the United states). you can check about zip code and area code of America in Google search.
      10. Verify your email address.

      • sam prince


  • Dhensley

    It wont work out, apple has messed it up

  • Maverick Wil

    Ok everyone, we managed to replicate the problem but the iTunes (on your computer) method works just fine as far as we can tell. We will post up a new tutorial for that soon. Hopefully that solves all the problems everyone is having with Step 8 (no “None” option).

    • Giga

      did you post that TUTORIAL VIDEO cuz again we can’t see the NONE option !! -_-‘

    • Gigantic

      Could u please help me maverick I really do need ur help please respond as quick as u can !!!!!!!

  • Maverick Wil

    We have posted up an alternative tutorial that guides you through how to create an Apple ID using iTunes on your computer for all those who have the problem of “None” not appearing as a payment option. We hope it will work for you:

  • Supermax4

    Thanks a lot but how do I use a iTunes gift card

    • Maverick Wil

      Gift Cards are not currently available for the Malaysia iTunes Store. However, if you happen to use the US iTunes Store, we have a 2 Part Guide for setting up an Apple ID and using the gift cards. The 1st part is here:
      US iTunes Store Access (Part 1) – How to Create a US Apple ID

  • Gandine

    The problem is when we try to Change one account we already hve sign in before… its just impossible to get the none option, you can test creating one account without choose none as option and sign out… when you try sign in after that its impossible to do it!! Anyone can solve it??

    • Maverick Wil

      Gandine, try the iTunes alternative method we mentioned in Step 8 above.

    • Lover_girl_1125

      I already had an acct but I 4got wht it is so try creating one using the above mentioned step but it’s still asking me for a credit detail……somebody please help me out thx

  • Owl4bucs

    I just spoke with a Apple representative.  There is NO WAY to get a Apple account without initially setting it up with a credit card, debit card, gift card, etc.  Therefore, if you do not have a credit card, debit card or gift card, you cannot get an Apple account.  Apple iOS has peaked, try Android

    • Maverick Wil

      Owl4bucs: That is NOT TRUE.

      Reason 1: Even Apple itself has support articles on this subject > (

      Reason 2: If you actually TRY doing the steps laid out in this tutorial (or the iTunes version) like I just did about 10 minutes ago,  you’d know that it works.

  • M Zachariah

    I do not have a credit card (my iPad 2 was a gift) and had problems creating an Apple ID as I could not find the NONE option. The problem was solved by creating a brand new Apple ID. In my case, I created a second gmail account which I use solely for my iPad.

  • Farzad Mir

    i have problem(this apple id has not yet been used with the itunes store.
    please reviwe your account information.)
    what can i do?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Glazersim

     In my ipad 2, i can’t create Apple ID,, Because it hasn’t no NONE…..
    BUt,,, my causin Iphone3 Have None…..
    So, can i create in her iphone3………….???

    • Maverick Wil

      You can use a different device to do it for sure.

  • Yvonnellegah

    When u ve registered with ur card details will u be charge wen u download.

  • Pasansljivic

    What I need to do if my country is not listed.For example I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina.I feel litle beat disappointed because if Aple make something and selling make sore that your aps work everivare.I ges it is important to take money or this is discrimination, is not importanant to have satisfied costumer.I can’t create aple I.D because I am from Bosnia.

  • Bitch

    Bitch I cant verify my account

  • Zulsim

    I have just updated my iPad2 to iOS5 & also created an Apple ID. Previously I have been purchasing apps using a different account. After the updating, I can’t do any updates on my previously-purchased apps. The following message keeps popping up: “This Apple ID is only valid for use in the Malaysian Store” How do I update those apps?

    • Zulsim

      I have solved the problem. Apparently I now have 2 Apple accounts with separate ID. So, I just sign-out the new account & sign-in my previous account, & update those apps purchased thru the previous account. Only thru the account used in the original purchasing can an apps be updated. 

  • Rsreddy18

    My  apple id was working fine until i setup itunes in a PC. Now when i want to download application using iPhone or iPad it ask me to verify the billing information again. The problem is when once i input the cvv information and touch DONE , it’s telling me i must enter at least 3 character for State in the billing detail. Firstly there is no field called state, so i assume it’s country since that is highlighted in Red. Secondly, this country field only allow me to select a province which is on 2 char. I can’t move forward anymore. Anyone have this sort of error before?

    • Maverick Wil

      Not sure what exactly the problem is but try this in iTunes: On the top manu bar, go to the ‘Store’ tab, log in accordingly and select ‘Authorize this computer’.

      What country Apple ID are you trying to use? And what country billing information are you using?

  • Lover_girl_1125

    The above mentioned steps are not working for me….it’s still asking me for a credit card # pls help someone

    • Maverick Wil

      Try registering using a different device/computer if you’ve already tried all alternative options we’ve outlined in the tutorial.

  • shamimul islam

    i bought my ipad2 from malaysia, still i cannot create my ID, which require credit card, but Bangladesh does not have any authorized saler of ID, so funny, there for i cannot use my credit card either, now my ipad2 use just as a browsing internet . its useless for me, iphone is better 

    • Maverick Wil

      You can try our other tutorial which guides you to create an ID for use with a different country’s store. Read: ( and also read on to Part 2 but you will have to find an alternative site online to purchase gift cards if you are not located in Malaysia.

  • Neris_7

    The option of using iTunes in my computer for registration worked form me. Thanks for this site!

  • Nona

    How can i registered apple id using debit card. I have try so many times but failed. They said tht my card no is not valid

    • Ezfan

      If u wanna use ur debit card u have to register with ur bank to use it for Internet transaction. Like maybank u can check it out via m2u then at the card section. 😉

  • Linamalik12-12

    Thanks it’s easy to follow

  • Loan

    step 9 doesn’t show up on mine. i don’t know why. that’s why i can’t sign in.

  • Rajjamesjoseph

    thank you very much… it’s 100% working instructions.. again thanks God bless you…

  • Izharmf

    Still not getting it…i do all didnt register

  • Summerwarrican

    Omg think you – it worked – wow – I could kiss you right now !!!!! – this was amazing !!!!

  • Meli

    I had the same exact problem.  I registered for an account on my pc and then it kept asking for CC info on the Ipad.  I just decided to follow the steps above but instead I “created a new account.” Since I have a few email addresses, I just registered for a new account on my Ipad this time with a new email address.  I went back on my PC to the verify the email they sent me and logged into my Apple account on my PC through that email link.  Went back to my Ipad, finished the setup process, chose NONE for CC, as it actually showed up as an option this time, and logged in and the Free app started downloading!!! Thank you!!

  • Ezfan

    Hey, I had created my I’d without any credit card and it’s running smooth. Mine is ipad2 with ios5.0.1

    Just tat now waiting for the jailbreak to be released.

    • Ply

      I can’t do any step because the other app I was make other and I forgot his password and he is gone to India

  • Peter Woods

    After Manu trits to log in withouten à credit card, i have finale had success, and it was à lot easier than i had imagined, thanks

  • Anw001

    plz i give my ipad to some body he make an account but wen i wanbt to instal an app it doesnt give me even to a new apple id what should i do

  • Nicole Lee

    PLEASE REPLY. If I live in Malaysia, what do I put as my county or that thing? Please help anybody?!!

  • Ziezuleprototype

    can u create apple id for me?

  • Syahrilanuar

    anybody help me , there are no ”none” ! ! ! get it ! i’m student and didnt have a credit CARD ! im fucking tired to solve these iPhone acc . PLEASE im begging !

    • Rafik Lababidi

      U just put Malaysia and the post code is 92010

  • Pacingko

    yes and tq so much … now i can trade fx at ipad2… tq tq tq tq

  • Rafik Lababidi

    Thank u very much man that was useful

  • Juliedao15

    when i do step 7, its just a big blank.

  • Giegayem12

    why i should register my mailing address, for billing? 

  • Idris_musa41

    Thank you very much I have been able to create my iPad Id.

  • menx

     it didnt work out with my iphone.  i cannot make it in step 8. theres “none” in the option but i cant simply tap it. help what shoud i do??

  • Zquitoraxe_10

    how to deal with step 10? what will i browse?

  • Katrielle12

    Wow it really helps but can you teach me how to log-out an apple id cuz i cant log-out

  • Katrielle12

    I already found how to log-out but in showing what credit card i have there is no none but thanks still;)

    • Cesek66

      How to log out can you teach me ? Thank you

  • Snimka

    Thanks i try it and it work fine.

  • Nuraqilahamir

    i also had a problem to verify my account..i can’t do step no how to fix that??

  • Farahjanetitian

    I cannot make a account,

  • Pepsilimck

    i tried to create an ID without credit card and followed all instructions on the support website for few hrs , but still didnt see “NONE” button !! the layout is totally different from my iphone. it is really frustrating !!!

    • Z-Man

      to create free id without credit card (Apple ID, United States)1. Open itunes or app store, 2. Make sure u are in the US3. Make sure u are signed out4. search for a free app such as Skype, or Viber (if you don’t do step 3 and 4, there will not be “NONE” option for you.5. click on the Free botton, and choose create new ID6. Fill out the form about you email and password…7. you will see none option to choose. 8. leave gift card code redeem blank and fill out the rest of form9. remember to fill out address, zip code, area code and phone number (In the United states). you can check about zip code and area code of America in Google search.10. Verify your email address.

  • Sami

    Thanks alot it worked

  • Sami

    Thanks alot it worked

  • Araxob

    I do all the steps and it works. but when I start downloading.. it says review your account and then makes me fill payment billings.. how can I put none there?

  • Tanjiehui2011

    What is the postcode for new iPad?

    • Azmoode179

      Yeah, what should we enter in code box, after choosing none option?! Which code does it want?!

  • manos

    hey people my options are only VISA MASTERCARD AMEX and another one … but there is no NONE option ! wtf ? everywhere i see for free apple ID you select NONE but there is no such an option….:/

  • Slash_zenith25

    Hi. I still can’t get a free apps, ID’s already verified. and there’s “none” when it comes to giving credit card. i don’t have one. pls help me :( i don’t want jailbreaks. pls :(

  • Apviviyan32

    thank u……

  • Apviviyan32

    thank u……

  • vali

    thanx there i got it!!!

  • Njgds Hkf 12

    i cant why?

    • Alan Ridzuan

      I tried multiple times with failure but then I selected free app to download as fiber then redo all the process all over again and although I’m from Malaysia, I selected US instead just to see if it I’ll help and make any different, you kno what?? It did!!! It worked!!! The NONE option appeared…… LOL!!,

      Apple definitely had messed it up badly, and I did manage to get around this. Thanks for the advise guys… You guys rock!!!

      Alan ridzuan (iPad 3 user)

      • Didaboss

        I fucking Love you man!!! i read your comment and it worked!!! Thank You Very Much! :)

  • ambreen

    perfect. it really works. thanks.

  • tnx

    thank uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Julirabinson

    Thnx.but,if I can’t creat what should I do?☺

  • Nicole

    If the STEP 8 the only choices is the first three, without the NONE what will I do? Thanks!

  • Samer

    Thanks!! But my question is how can download games with money without credit card ?

  • Manjunath

    Done. Thank u so much…

  • nanagoose

    thank you so much!!! so much better than my “boss” trying to explain it!!!

  • saman

    tnx but this way need apple gift card code but im in iran and i cant buy it. what i have to do please help me

  • Atif Raza

    Thanks but verify to ho jati ha but save no hoti

  • Ariannie

    thanks for the tips =)

  • Murtaza Vistro

    Dude thanks alot love you :*

  • Lopcy

    i’ve tried all this steps but i cannot recieve the verification emails and i’ve tried several times.

  • Muzammil kulappala

    This will not work because there is only 2 options…visa and maestero

  • Maithilee Jadeja

    Hey! Awesome stuff! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

  • Selena

    That is cool but complicated don’t get it(:

  • Selena

    Could anybody give me some ideas or a way to figure it out very confused

  • Dennis

    Omg still don’t get it any ideas guys if so please respond

  • pascal

    is it free

  • pascal

    is it free or you have to pay

  • Kia kh

    What is the gift code?

  • Kia

    What is the gift card?

  • chill guy

    thank you!

  • Hikari

    Why is it I cant do the step 10.. How many times I’ve tried already but its not working…what should i do??? Help me please!!

  • Arjak

    Hi , thank you for the guide. Very useful. Just a small tip if I may, the ‘none’option for the credit card verification is present when the apple I’d is created exactly as per your proces ie. through the App Store. If you use the option through settings to create a new apple ID then this option is not available

  • Santoshjoshi

    Step it’s asking for a code

  • Shanker

    how if the none option is not shown..??

  • Himanshu parakh

    Can u make apple I’d for me

  • Carol Gaone Mokomane

    Yo dude thanks I managed to create an apple ID without hustle. Much appreciation hey!

  • Ewa Pawlak

    hello im stuck and i need help i got to step 10 and i clicked Verify now then i typed in my email address and password then i clicked Verify address and then this pops up
    Email address previously verified.
    The address has already been verified.

    so i clicked home page and just wrote in my email address and password but then this box pop up saying this apple id has not been used with the iTunes store. so i clicked review and continue and agree but now iam stuck on the bit where it says review payment information and it says please select a payment method. but there isnt a none button and i havent got a credit card please help ??

    • Ewa Pawlak

      as soon as possible if you can please

  • Koem Chhoung


  • shahir


  • caloy

    step 10, i cant open the verification? where can I see the verification. help

  • Muhammad Anees

    thanks it works for me awesome work admin :)

  • Chandranaveen

    New Apple ID

  • Chandranaveen

    Please new Apple ID no

  • zuvi angami

    i want to creat apple id,pliz help.

  • vishal

    how to get none option

    • vishal

      tell me how to see none option

  • Loy

    Thanks a lot. But it didn’t work..

  • Loy

    Although I tried the same steps, but nothing happened

  • Abubakar ahmed

    Can u tell me plzz if i make my new apple id 2 time on one ipad without credit card……….

  • Pat

    When attempting to download a free app on my IPad requested security code where do I get the code, the numbers on back of credit card was invalid, what is with this?

  • db

    hi there…step 9-12 didn’t turn up?what happen?

  • Jack

    It’s not popping up step 4 in my iPad.What should I do?

  • Aiman

    Hey bro..I am from Bangladesh
    So …problem is..
    In country option…their is no option fr my country… I mean Bangladesh
    So what should I do nw

  • fuck you itunes i hate you

    you arnt able to take a card off of an account

  • Mayowa Johnson

    See, you guys need to help me, I’m frustrated with this itunes gift code of a thing, I’m unable to download cos I don’t have it and I don’t even know how to get it, I tried to download a free app but it’s still being requested for. Pls tell me what to do.

  • Katelyn Cooper

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  • Prem Kashyap

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