June 21, 2011

Create New Apple ID Without a Credit Card [Using iTunes]

by Maverick Wil · 119 comments

Some of our readers experienced problems with our original “Create New Apple ID Without a Credit Card” tutorial which was for registering straight on the iPad itself. We have managed to recreate the problem where “None” does not appear as an option under Billing Information. As far as we can tell, the issue is sporadic. Some are affected, some are not.

The following tutorial is for you to create a new Apple ID without a credit card using iTunes on the computer instead and is an alternative for those of you who cannot manage to do it on the iPad:


You first need to download and install iTunes for your computer:

*make sure “Malaysia” is selected under “Location”

Instructions: Create an Apple ID (Using iTunes)

You will need an active Internet Connection so turn on Wi-Fi or 3G/Data and make sure your computer is connected.

Step 1

Open iTunes and Select iTunes Store

Open iTunes on your computer and click on “iTunes Store”.

Step 2

Navigate to Free Apps in iTunes Store

Once the iTunes Store has loaded, scroll down until you can see the “Free Apps” chart on the right hand side column.

Mouse over any of the apps there and you should see a “FREE” button appear. Click on the button once.

Step 3

Create New Account in iTunes

A small window should pop up, prompting you to log in. As you do not have an Apple ID yet, go ahead and click on “Create New Account”.

Step 4

Click on Continue

Click on “Continue”.

Step 5

iTunes Store Terms of Service

Confirm that you are creating an Apple ID for the use in the Malaysia iTunes Store by looking at the line above the Terms of Service. If correct, it should read: “If your billing address is not in Malaysia, click here”. If another country name is stated, click to change it.

Tick the check box to agree to iTunes Store T&C and select “Continue”.

Step 6

Fill in Apple ID Details

Fill in your details. Double confirm the email address is correct as you will need to verify this later. Once done, click on “Continue”.

Step 7

Select None as Payment Method for iTunes

Change the “Payment Method” from Visa to “None”. If you had a credit card, this would be where you would select your card type and enter the relevant details. Now fill in the rest of your details and click on “Continue”.

If you do not see “None” as an option, double check that you chose a FREE app in Step 3 and not a Paid app. If that still doesn’t work and creating an Apple ID straight on the iPad also results in failure, we suggest you call up Apple Support (Malaysia: 1-800 803-638) or visit an Apple Authorised Reseller for assistance.

Step 8

Verify Apple ID Email

You’ve nearly created your Apple ID. You just have to check your email and verify your account from there.

Step 9

Verification Email from Apple

This is what the verification from Apple looks like. Click on “Verify Now” and a new window will open up.

Step 10

Enter Apple ID and Password

Return to iTunes Store

Enter your Apple ID (which is your email address) and the password you chose earlier. Click on “Verify Address”. Once the verification is successful, click on “Return to the Store”. This will automatically bring up the iTunes Store in iTunes on your computer.

Step 11

Your Apple ID Has Been Successfully Created

Click on “Done”. Congrats! You have successfully created an Apple ID without a credit card.

Before using the Apple ID on your iPad, we recommend doing the next step first to avoid any possible errors such as This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store…

Downloading & Installing an App (Using iTunes)

App Store Login Prompt

Repeat Steps 1-2. This time, log in by entering your Apple ID (which is your email address) and password then click on “Get”. iTunes should now start downloading the FREE app you chose.

Free Apps in App Store

App Store Login Prompt

Once download is complete, you can test the Apple ID on your iPad. Open the “App Store” on your iPad and navigate to “Top Charts” where you can try downloading a FREE app. Tap on “FREE” and “INSTALL APP”. Enter your password in the login box and tap “OK”. The app should start downloading indicating your new Apple ID works without needing a credit card.


We hope you found this guide on how to create an Apple ID easy to follow along. We also hope this alternative way of creating the Apple ID solves the issue for those who are unable to do it straight on the iPad.

You will now be able to download and enjoy plenty of free content to your iPad. Just make sure to look for that FREE button next to the app/song/video in App Store and iTunes.

If at some point you find that you want to be able to purchase content with your Apple ID, you can add credit card information on the iPad by going to Home Screen > Settings > Store. Tap on your Apple ID and select “View Apple ID” on the pop-up box. Proceed to tap on “Payment Information” to edit and change the Payment Card from “None” to your card type.

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    can it download free apps on US store or M’sia store only ??

  • http://www.facebook.com/godsgatecity Kelvin Ang

    just try on part 1 and why on selected country got all but no US store ?? Thanks…

  • Crazyguy00786

    Helloo.. i am living in Kuwait and i am using apple iphone4 and want to create the id but there is no none option in the itunes. please help me create an id..


    • http://www.maverickwil.com Maverick Wil

      What country did you select (Step 5)?

      • Gracitas

        I have experienced that at my first attempt of registration. I can’t see the “none” button. Try to use other active email address and repeat this entire procedure. Thank you!

        • Cesek66

          That mean there is no other ways beside creating another apple Id ? If I want to use back my existing apple id can I ? Please help me , tq so much

          • SAJID

            you can use your previous ID why you r trying to get new instead of you are having it b4?

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    Awesome guide. Works like a charm. I’m from Denmark. And a newbie in apple stuff.

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  • raul

    how about i already have apple id account with credit card info. i can’t remove it because it always ask for billing info. please advice TQ

    • http://www.maverickwil.com Maverick Wil

      You would have to create a new account from scratch if following our tutorial. If you’ve previously entered credit card info, it will be retained.

      • Eijan My

        edit on your itune

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      Plesase help my registration,there is no none button in my itunes…my email add : genin0612@yahoo.com

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    thanks   , i use for ur information and i built up my i tune account without credit card , thanks lottttt dear

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    Gmail or facebook

  • Chienx

    If i created a non malaysia id in my ipad and start download free apps, later in future when i wan to buy any paid apps, can i still use the same id? or i need to create another id? if creat another id,i will lost my previous free apps??

  • Zulkifli A Razak

    i still cannot reg my id properly…. the none icon still not appear?… help2….

    • Hamza Shaz

      Select the country to Malaysia in iTunes. No matter where you live.
      And, select a FREE app and not a PAID app. All this is mentioned in the tutorial.

  • Chienx

    to zulkifil: i thk u used a old id which u create previously? i tried with a NEW id, it work. Create a new account now should able to c ‘none’ from the menu.

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    there is no fucking none option for payments, even for Malaysia.. can anybody tell me how I can overcome this problem”This Apple ID has not yet been used with the iTunes Store.” regards

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    I still dont see the “none”opption! Please help i dont have a credit card it doesnt work on my pc or ipad

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    i am new one using ipad2..when i tapped on iTunes icon, it always went to iTunes U, not iTunes?? How can i changed it go to iTunes  not iTunes U when i tap it?? Plz give some advice??

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    an error at billing form. it says that please contact itunes support to complete this transaction

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    Any other way…..????

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      heelo in my country there is payment method no none

  • Ashikendhk

    okay which version of itune there is none option

    • Hamza Shaz

      No, all versions.
      Select malaysia as country no matter where you live and make sure you are installing a free app and not a paid one.

  • Soodeh Amiri

    I cant see None . please help me:(((((((((((((((

  • Razni Anuar

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    hello when im done with all the steps… and everything is correct but it say
    (please contact itune support to complete this transaction)
    how should contact them to complete?
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    If I want to use my existing Id then what should I do to avoid using credit card ?

  • Drannjee

    Hi there, I have completed the process until the billing section; in which I have type none, given a valid US address & subsequently click on to ‘create an apple ID’. However, a red statement pop up saying – pls contact itunes support to complete this transaction. How do I go pass that? That red statement never did appear the last time I set up my account. I am currently doing it for a friend.

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      Oh man this is for iTunes on the PC!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/rabi143 Rabi Trueheart

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    check out the blog Knolzone for screenshots of creating a apple ID from iTunes 11, the latest software.

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